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30 watts RMS from a pair of JJ6V6-S output tubes ,
(1)5AR4/GZ34 rectifier, (2)6V6S JJ output, (1)12AT7, (2)12AX7
Proudly made entirely in the USA!  -- buy one

sweet amp from Area 51
The Diezel Herbert is Peter Diezel's vision and realization of the ultimate
 channel-switching high-gain amplifier head. Featuring three completely
 independent channels, six output tubes for bone-crushing power (180 watts)
 and huge yet tight and focused lows, a footswitchable Mid-Cut section that
can be assigned to any and all of the three preamp channels,
three effects loops (one footswitchable), a switchable second master volume,
compensated line out, bias control and fuse for each duet set of power tubes,
 and most importantly, incredible TONE!

The Herbert comes stock with six Ruby EL-34STR output tubes
, but with a simple bias adjustment, you could install a duet of power tubes
with any other duet sets or quad sets in any configuration imaginable.
For instance, you could have a duet of EL-34's and a quad of 6L6's.
You could have a quad of EL-34's and a duet of 6550's.
You could have a duet of EL-34's, a duet of 6L6's and a duet of KT-88's, etc.
 The possibilities are mind-boggling. You could experiment until you find
 the perfect tube complement for your unique playing style and musical tastes.
 The Herbert makes this possible.
whow the Mesa Road King has some competition.

el 84s and 12ax7 but Im not sure which model -18 watter Im guessing
a 2150 powercell bvoard with a few parts missing.
 This is one of the only marshall amps that uses a master volume
after the phase inverter.
1985 6550s
Compair the guts of the above to the one below, time does help some things
1971 Marshall, Model 1987, 50-watt small box

Marshall JCM 800 4211 2x12 Combo
my 50watt is louder than hell, i cant inagine a 100 watt combo.