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The TWEED page
sorry for the focus, they came this way
Tweed CHAMP AMP by Fender
Model 5F1
inside tage reads 22 HK
the date of production: H 1958 K November

1959 Champ
Original Oxford speaker 465-903
RCA 6V6GT 57-35; CBS JAN 5Y3GTA 12-59; Sylvania 12AX7
They say Clapton recorded Layla with a Champ and that
 Page used one on Zep II and on others

looks like a deluxe?
1953 Fender Pro Amp
Model 5C5,RCA 5U4G,Power / RCA 6L6 GC,
Pre-amp / 1 Sylvania 6SC7 - 2 GE 12AY7
CK code ( nov. 1953 )
1954 Fender  Princeton

1958 and 59 Tweed deluxe      5E3
Tubes NOS GE 5y3 , a pair of matched 6v6s and
 NOS 12ay7 and New JJ 12ax7
16 to 18 watt

1959 Fender  Princeton
4.5 watts through a single 8" speaker, big box
tube chart is stamped IE (May 1959).
speaker is a brown frame stamped 220004 (1960 4th week)
1959 Champ 5F1 Boutiqe Copy
only differece is 6.3V DC on 12AX7's heater for minimum humm
rectifier capacitors are 47uf 22uf and 47uf
instead of 16uf, 8uf and 8uf
and 4 - 8 ohm output switch for speaker
The amp uses 1 5Y3GT Rectifier 1 - 6V6GT and 1 -12AX7