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copy and enlarge this for a treat
McIntosh MC-225
They are much more powerful than the
 25 watts per channel would indicate.
4 sylvania output tubes, a couple of telefunken tubes
Thanks for the treat of this amp.
p.s. sold for 1800.+
Carvin Legacy 100W 2x12 Combo
Celestion Vintage 30
GT-12AX7M (MULLARD REISSUE!) in V1, two Shuguang (9th Generation Chinese) 12AX7Cs in V2 and V3, a JJ ECC83S in V4, and a balanced JJ ECC83S in V5 for a balanced Phase Inverter. For power tubes,  brand new SED 6L6GCs or Ruby Tubes EL34B-STRs (both are matched quads)
this is the original no-name pic from the original experimental site.
 click on my pic there in the corner and see the original site
Velleman from Belgium
I found this amp early in the Hall site 1,
I had never seen it before and now some info.
what a great amp and stereo, a treat for this site to have
UP to 90 Watts RMS in 4 or 8 ohms
8 count them 8, Tesla EL 34 valves
<<<download the manual
I have found a site where, get this, you can buy this very kit.
The <<click and read more
Lafayette bass guitar power amp
2 6L6gc output tubes. The other tubes are 2 12au7's and a 12ax7
50 watt
finished Hoffman Plexi-50 board
made by TheAirtightGarage
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